GTA 5 – Vulcar Nebula Turbo and New Racing Courses for GTA Online

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Rockstar Games has been providing GTA Online with a new update since yesterday. In addition to additional content, there are rich shop discounts.

For “GTA Online”, the multiplayer mode of the open-world hit GTA 5, a new update is available, with some fresh content introduced. In addition, various vehicles and furnishings are available at special prices.

Gifts for all

The game developer Rockstar Games is giving anyone who log in the coming days in “GTA Online”, two-game T-shirts, one with Street Crimes Boxart, the other with Invade-and-Persuade-topic. At Southern San Andreas Super Cars, meanwhile, a new family sedan is available with the Vulcar Nebula Turbo.

Other new content the circuits include a tour with views, Rancho  rivalry and Grapeseed  circular course in which you wave double rewards until August 28 of 2019. There will also be free drinks in the Diamond Casino Bar, your personal Penthouse Bar, and the party area until the next Weekly Update.

Until the date mentioned above, you can also turn once a day on the Wheel of Fortune in the Diamond Casino & Resort and dust, for example, GTA $. The main prize is the sports car Benefactor hitting GT. Last but not least, the creators are currently granting between 30 and 50 percent discount on furnishings and vehicles, including sculptures and the Western Maverick.

© Rockstar Games