PUBG Lite Updated the New, Explosive Fuel Tank


Finally, it’s time for PUBG Lite to receive a new overhaul. The opinions of the players are important in the service of PUBG LITE and the team of PUBG Corp. will try to make improvements to suit everyone’s opinions.

Update content

  1. Playing with FPP view before this update When players use various vehicles, the view will be automatically changed to TPP, but many players suggest that PUBG Corp. adjust the camera angle while using the vehicle as an FPP. This update, PUBG Corp. has made changes as players have suggested.
  • FPP view when using vehicles to play FPP mode

  1. From now on you will be able to eliminate enemies with fuel tanks. “So next You have to be more careful when there is a fuel tank nearby because it can explode.

Increase the explosion of the fuel tank

  • Important topics
    • Making the fuel tank useful in a tactical way, from where it was originally just a used item to fill the vehicle
    • When the fuel explodes, all players in the blast radius will be damaged by the explosion.
    • The damage received will depend on the distance from the center of the explosion. If away, it will receive less damage.
    • Be careful of killing teammates as well. Because the teammates who are in the explosion stage will be injured or killed by the explosion of the fuel tank!
  • doing work
    • When the fuel tank placed on the ground has been damaged to the level specified by ammunition or other types of bombs, will explode and damage the characters in that area.
    • Fuel tanks in the storage compartment cannot be overlapped again after the update. To prevent confusion at times, players may sometimes dispose of all fuel tanks at once. Because the explosion of the stacked fuel tanks will not increase the damage
    • The example shows that the fuel tank cannot be stacked in the same storage compartment.

  1. PUBG Corp. has launched a new advancement system in this update. This system is called the Account Level System

Players will gain experience from normal gameplay that will result in the player’s account being leveled. This system will not be restarted. When each season ends like the survivor system that has been added to the last update Therefore, the level of the player account will not be re-counted.

Performance improvement

According to PUBG Corp. in the letter from the development team Last time This performance improvement will not be a one-time adjustment but will be a continuous improvement.

  • Voice updates
    • Improve the sound of fast running, normal running and walking
    • Adjust the volume to make it easier to distinguish between the layers.


4VS4 playback mode, which has been added to the last update, will be further enhanced. PUBG Corp. will try to improve this 4VS4 playback system to be more fun and interesting. According to the instructions that the players have recommended to us

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused when switching accessories between The magazine increases the capacity with the magazine to increase the capacity of QuickDraw. When there are 40 bullets already loaded, the remaining ammunition in the weapon is only 30 shots.
  • Fixed an issue that caused when using the blue Dacia and did not receive progress on certain types of missions.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the surface of the stone at some point on the Miramar map to pass through.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera angle to look at the plane after the player jumped out.
  • Fixed an issue where when a player enters the original seat on a Buggy car, sometimes it is moved to another point.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the point mark from the radio message system to appear on the window glass.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the mouse cursor to disappear when pressing the ESC key while pressing the screen. The radio message system is displayed.