marvel's spider-man

Sony commented on the possible release of Spider-Man from the MCU after the announcement that the deal with Disney has completely run aground.

Sony wanted to comment on the failed deal with Disney that threatens to get Spider-Man out of the MCU. To do this he chose to send an official statement to the CNET website. 

Basically, Marvel Studios will no longer produce Spider-Man films alongside Sony, which will make its films in total autonomy. So no Kevin Feige to the art direction and potentially no connection with the MCU films

Sony: ‘Most of the news that emerged today about Spider-Man misleadingly related Kevin Feige’s involvement in the franchise. We are disappointed, but we respect Disney’s decision to remove him from the lead producer on our next Spider-Man movie. “

Sony also wanted to thank Feige for the help he gave him and for the direction he had taken to the Spider-Man films. Unfortunately, the negotiation margins are very scarce at present, with Disney being in wanting to divide the revenues produced by the Spider-Man 50-50 franchise (when now only 5% is due). However, Sony does not exclude that in the future things can change. 

The two films with Tom Holland remain in production as Spider-Man already budgeted, but they will probably be out of the MCU.