Shenmue 3

Deep Silver and Ys Net have released a new Shenmue 3 trailer dedicated to daily activities that can be played in the game world.

The publisher Deep Silver and Ys Net developer have released a new trailer for Shenmue 3 dedicated to daily activities that Ryo can play in the game, including pachinko, markets, and clandestine fights. You can find it at the head of the news. 

Let’s read the official description of Shenmue 3 taken from the Epic Games Store: 

Play as Ryo Hazuki, an 18-year-old Japanese martial artist determined to avenge his father’s death.

In this third part of the Shenmue series, Ryo tries to solve the mystery behind the Mirror of the Phoenix, an artifact sought by his father’s murderer. His journey will lead him to immerse himself in the meanders of rural China, teeming with activity and surrounded by wonderful landscapes. 

Ryo’s adventure will take him to mountain towns and villages where he will be able to perfect his training, compete in gambling and luck, and take part-time jobs while investigating who knows the truth about the Mirror of the Phoenix. 

Before leaving you we remind you that Shenmue III will be released on PS4 and PC on November 19, 2019. The PC version is an exclusive temporal of the Epic Games Store.