The restructuring of Gamestop also passes by the dismissal of half of the staff of the Game Informer magazine, one of the historical publications of the sector.

A new round of layoffs for Gamestop, with more than a hundred people sent home, including half editorial staff of the historic Game Informer magazine based in Minnesota. The layoffs for Game Informer colleagues came as a surprise, as confirmed by those involved on Twitter and other social networks. 

Gamestop justified the cuts with the need for the group, in crisis for years, to reduce costs and optimize the business to achieve the goals set. In short, we are faced with a situation similar to that of a few weeks ago, when the cuts involved some sales managers. Gamestop has been in bad shape

for years now, with its shares that have literally collapsed, due to the reduction of the second-hand market and the transition of video game sales to digital. Previous attempts at restructuring have failed, as has that of selling the company to third parties.