We see the excellent reconstruction of the map of The Legend of Zelda, the original for NES, made inside Fortnite by Mustard Plays.

Modder Mustard Plays has recreated the entire map of The Legend of Zelda, including the nine dungeons, within Fortnite. We are talking about the original NES title, not more recent incarnations. 

Remarkable is the level of precision of the reconstruction, which you can see in the video you find at the head of the news, always made by Mustard Plays. Obviously, the game mechanics were not reproduced with equal precision but doing it was impossible. For the rest there is really everything: the sword in the cave, the unsafe walls collapsed with grenades, the entrances of hidden dungeons and much more. 

Unfortunately, the monsters are different and the puzzles of The Original Legend of Zelda, irreproducible in Fortnite, have been replaced with some designed by Mustard Plays itself. However, the goal is always to collect the Triforce pieces to access the last dungeon. Of course, we miss Ganon, but who knows, one day the map will also find its original inhabitants. 

If you want to try the Mustard Plays in Fortnite map, here is the code: 2326-3456-6999