The leader of Respawn Entertainment has distanced himself from the recent behavior of some developers at the community address. We read his words.

In the last few days, Apex Legends has been in the eye of the storm because of too many prize funds included in the Corona di Ferro event

Respawn Entertainment has apologized for the incident, but this has not prevented some users from harshly criticizing the work of the development team. In response, a developer and a community manager of the California software house defined some users as heads of c *** o, c ******, and freeloaders

The story was also attended by Vince Zampella, founder, and CEO of Respawn Entertainment, through an extensive post published on Twitter. “The situation has deteriorated. Some of our colleagues have exceeded the limit in their comments, and this is not the way we want Respawn to be represented. I apologize to our fans who have been offended,” he said. 

“We should not help feed toxic and bad comments. We must set an example. Having an open and healthy relationship with our community is incredibly important for all of us at Respawn.”