The Settlers

While waiting for the new materials planned for the Gamescom 2019, we meanwhile come to know that The Settlers, the reboot of the Ubisoft strategic series, has been postponed to 2020.

Ubisoft and Blue Byte are back to talk about The Settlers, waiting for the official Gamescom 2019 trailer, also announcing the postponement of the game to 2020

The new The Settlers is a sort of reboot of the series, announced last year and in fact remained without a precise release date but initially planned for 2019. Evidently, the developers need more time to finish the work and have decided to postpone everything to 2020. 

The Settlers arrives 25 years after the first chapter released on the gaming market and wants to represent a relaunch of the series. It is a strategic one with management elements with a medieval setting, enriched by a series of new features such as a reconstruction of the food management system and a sort of “motivational” meta-game inside. 

Among the features, there is also the online multiplayer with various modes, in addition to a completely new setting and obviously a graphic in step with the times. 

The return of Volker Wertich to the lead of the project, creator of the original, is in line with the desire to recover however the particular style of The Settlers in this new incarnation, which at this point is expected for 2020 even if without a date yet precise output and currently expected only on PC.