Shawn Layden has made it clear, in an interview published by Bloomberg, that in Sony’s strategy there will be an expansion of some productions inside other platforms, in particular with regard to multiplayer.

A snippet of an interview with Shawn Layden, president of Worldwide Studios, caused a stir on the possibility that some Sony games could reach other platforms on PlayStation as well, although the issue was well defined by the executive. 

In the interview, Layden reported that “We need to support the PlayStation platform, this is a non-negotiable topic”, meaning that the exclusives for PS4 and PS5 will continue to be the central element of Sony’s production, but has reported that “having said that, you will see some titles coming out of our collection of studios in the future that could be addressed to a wider installed base”. 

The meaning of the words, of course, is that some games produced by Sony’s first-party teams could arrive on other platforms, more likely on PC. This “expanded distribution” would seem to involve in particular multiplayer games designed to be enjoyed in an optimal manner on a PC, so it would be a rather low percentage of games compared to the standard production of Sony PlayStation which is notoriously more focused on single players.

However, with the changes experienced by the videogame market, this percentage is not necessarily destined to increase with greater attention to the multiplayer sector by Sony, which had already been mentioned previously by the heads of the Japanese company. It is clear that a distribution extended to more multiplayer titles platform could also involve the question of cross-play between the different platforms, so we will see in the near future what this change of strategy will bring from the company of PlayStation.