Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima presented Death Stranding with two videos on as many characters from the game, namely Mama and Deadman, which are shown with two clips taken from cut scenes.

From the Gamescom 2019’s Opening Night Live, as planned, new materials on Death Stranding arrived, in particular, a gameplay video and two narrative videos, centered on as many characters, in this case, Mama and Deadman.

Hideo Kojima has therefore further presented Death Stranding with some new video game fragments, of which here are the two related to the aforementioned characters, taken from interlude scenes. Both characters are already known to those who have followed the game carefully, but these two videos throw more light on their characteristics and the different personalities that distinguish them.

Mama interpreted by Margaret Qualley, is linked to Sam Bridges and is a sort of expert in communication with spectral entities linked to BTs, receiving from them also a child entity. Deadman, played by Guillermo del Toro, seems to have to do with the technology used by the protagonist Sam and in particular with the management of the Bridge baby and its particular capsule, judging by the video in which it is represented on this occasion.

The release date of Death Stranding is fixed for November 8, 2019, on PS4.