playstation 5

According to a recent report by Deutsche Bank, PS5 is expected to cost around $ 499 at launch, depending on the cost of the components and the will of Sony.

According to a recent report by Deutsche Bank, the launch price of PS5 will be around $ 499. The factors taken into account by the analysts of the German credit institution to determine this figure are basically two: the cost of the components of the console and the willingness of the company to sell or not at loss PS5 in its first months of life.

According to Deutsche Bank, there is “a high probability that the cost of PS5 materials is between $ 386 and $ 477.” From here derives the retail price of $ 499, which could fall if Sony decides to sell at a loss in order not to reduce demand. In case the European price should be around € 499. To think that a 1: 1 conversion takes place and therefore costs below € 450 is simply a fool, since it never happened. At this price the German bank believes that Sony will be able to sell 14 million units of PS5 by 2022, a smaller amount of PS4that sold 14.8 million units in its first two years on the market, thanks also to the launch price of $ 399. 

However, Deutsche Bank analysts have warned that the price question for PS5 is not closed and that their speculations are based only on the official information provided so far. In the future, other specifications could arrive to change the cards on the table. It is also reiterated that the price of $ 499 is what would guarantee Sony not to sell at a loss, so it could be lower if the Japanese multinational would prefer to favor the spread of hardware.