The Last of Us

Troy Baker, the actor who plays the role of Joel in the series The Last of Us, talked about how in his opinion the character is more a villain than a hero: that’s why.

The Last of Us is certainly a game that makes us reflect on human nature, without precisely determining who the good guys and the bad guys are, and Joel’s character is no exception. 

According to Troy Baker, the actor who plays the role of Joel in the series The Last of Us, the protagonist of the first chapter is more a villain than a hero

“In The Last of Us it is assumed that Joel is the hero and David (played by Nolan North) the villain, but ultimately all the heroes are in their story, “said Baker.” I firmly believe that David thinks he is doing the right thing for his people, he is the hero in his story. ” 

” Joel I doubt reasons, in the same way, I don’t think you consider yourself a hero. Indeed, if he were to lean towards a direction I think he would consider himself a villain, which is why he can say he was on both fronts. ” 

” That’s why he says he is simply a guy trying to get by or don’t be anyone’s hero and that isn’t there to make enemies but just to live another day. “