Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games is testing a new bonus for one of the most popular classes of its battler Teamfight Tactics, that of the assassins.

Riot Games is testing a new effect for the class of assassins, among the most popular among those of the car battler Teamfight Tactics. The change sees the killers suffer a critical damage reduction to be more likely to bring a critical hit. Currently, the novelty is in the study on the PBE, therefore it could be modified or completely quenched in the case it is shown little pleasant or unbalanced. 

Stated in numbers, a team of three assassins now has a 75% bonus on critical strike damage (first 125%), while a team of six has a 150% bonus (first 350%). On the other hand, the chances of carrying critical hits increased by 10 and 25% respectively.

The modification is designed as an upgrade for the assassins equipped with the Infinity Edge, which gives a damage bonus of 200% critical hits. In short, a greater frequency of critical hits ends up naturally increasing the DPS. 

For the uninitiated, Teamfight Tactics is not a stand-alone game, but a League of Legends mode that does not require you to play the MOBA to be appreciated.