Square Enix

After several death threats received, Square Enix decided to cancel a series of tournaments focused on Starwing Paradox that had been organized in Japan.

Square Enix has decided not to take lightly the death threats received in the past few days, so much so as to cancel a series of tournaments organized in Japan for the next period. 

There were in fact several tournaments dedicated to Starwing Paradoxscheduled for this and next weekend in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Fukuoka but they were all canceled by Square Enix due to some recently received death threats. Among these, we reported the case a man who threatened the publisher to make him end up like Kyoto Animation, an anime company hit by a terrible arson that led to the death of 33 people.

The author of the threat in question has also been arrested and it is always difficult to assess the veracity of these threats, but considering the situation, it is understandable the prudence maintained by Square Enix for live events involving a large audience. 

Starwing Paradox is an arcade game distributed in arcades in Japan, which puts various players at the helm of fighting mechs in a sort of arena action shooter in the arena.