Nintendo and Microsoft

There seems to be another Microsoft exclusive coming to Nintendo Switch, perhaps presented at Nintendo Indie World on Monday 19 August.

It appears that the upcoming Nintendo Indie World, set for the Monday before Gamescom 2019 starts, may contain a surprise announcement about another exclusive Microsoft Xbox game coming to Nintendo Switch

The rumor came from Daniel Ahmad, also known as ZhugeEX and considered a reliable insider, particularly active on various forums like ResetEra and above all on Twitter. “We will see another exclusive Microsoft Xbox game at Indie World Direct on Monday,” Ahmad said on Twitter, “So far we have seen MinecraftCuphead and Super Lucky’s exclusive Xbox that arrived on Nintendo Switch “. 

Furthermore, ZhugeEX added that” if you have followed rumors and leaks so far you can probably imagine what it is. “Given the precedents, it is possible that the next Xbox game to arrive on Nintendo Switch both Ori and the Blind Forest, but it is a guess, the whole question should be taken as a corridor entry, but the collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo is now known and a further game that makes the transition from one part to another it’s quite up to expectations, so it’s all particularly credible.