Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider program officially started yesterday, although there is still a long way to go before you can get your hands on the impressive flight simulator in a definitive form.

As planned, it started the ‘ Insider Program of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the new chapter of the time series of flight simulators as part of the Redmond who returned to show up even in video

Announced at E3 2019, Microsoft Flight Simulator it looks like an extremely advanced simulation, able to reproduce aircraft and settings in a very realistic way also thanks to some very interesting technological solutions. In fact, Microsoft Flight Simulator uses the data collected by satellite and Azure’s artificial intelligence processing to reproduce the scenarios, allowing in this way to fly realistically in any place on the planet and in different weather conditions. 

Waiting to know a precise release date, the game is still expected for 2020 first on PC and then on Xbox One, but before full arrival, it will go through various test phases through the insider program, which started on 15 August. Internal testing

began yesterday on the alpha technical game, while a furthermore in-depth test is scheduled for 22 August 2019, with updates on the progress made also by third parties. On August 29 there will then be more information coming. In essence, a further opening is scheduled between September and October, when insider program members will probably begin to be more directly involved, where you can get more information at this address

In the meantime, you can see something from Microsoft Flight Simulator in the video montage shown below to the news, which shows the impressive level reached by the flight simulation in question.