metro exodus

Even the author of the books from which video games are taken, namely Dmitry Glukhovsky, confirms the start of work on the new Metro, of which he is writing the original story.

Confirmations arrive on the new Metro being developed at 4A Games after Metro Exodus, this time with the author of the series of books from which video games are taken, Dmitry Glukhovsky, reiterated the issue. 

In recent days, it was the CEO of THQ Nordic, Lars Wingefors, who mentioned that 4A Games was committed to developing a new Metro and confirming it on the part of Glukhovsky we can definitely take the information in question for good. In a post on Instagram, the writer confirmed that he himself worked on the story of the next chapter in the series, which is quite interesting because the new Metro will not be based on a book but on an original story created for it. 

The Metro series has undergone a constant evolution from the first to the third chapter, with the setting that has opened up more and more to the notable extension and variety of Metro Exodus settings and with various improvements applied to the gameplay mechanics, although some may have found some decline in character and identity in this growth process. In any case, the success achieved by Metro Exodus has already put the development of the following into a safe, apparently already started in its early stages, although the two episodes in DLC scheduled for the recent chapter are still awaited.