Ion Fury

Some transphobic statements made by the Ion Fury developers on their Discord channel are causing the community to discuss.

Controversy for some transphobic and sexist statements by the developers of Ion Fury made on the official Discord channel of the game. 

To sum up: talking to their fans some developers have made fun of the so-called Social Justice Warriors , they have given the mentally ill to those who decide a priori that their children are trans at birth, they commented, comparing them, the decisions of the WHO to officially recognize the gaming disorder and to no longer consider the trans of mental patients, have declared disbelief for women who claim to dress as they want, but if they do the same with a female video game character they scream at sexism and so Street.

Obviously many have not reacted well to these utterances and have initiated a kind of boycott by Ion Fury. Others have proposed to be repaid the money spent to buy the game, where possible. The situation is becoming quite paradoxical because many had applauded Ion Fury precisely for the female lead, considered a strong and non-sexualized woman model, despite the pronounced forms. 

For now, 3D Realms, the development studio, has not yet officially commented on the story. 

Ion Fury is a first-person shooter made using the Build Duke Nukem 3D graphics engine. Published in a definitive form on August 15, it received generally positive reviews from critics, who found it really cool and fun. The game is available for PC, but will soon be launched on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.