Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Update 12 will be the right one to try Vault Raids, the highly anticipated new feature by players.

The ‘ upgrade 12 of Fallout 76 will usher in the first game of the highly anticipated raids in the Vault

Bethesda published a post on the official blog of the game to announce that from August 20, 2019, in a few days, players will be able to enter the Vault 94, which is described as follows: 

Located on the border between the Wooded Marsh and the Wild Split, the Vault 94 was once inhabited by a community of utopians. Armed only with a supply of seeds and their Vault suits, these pacifists received the task of bringing the Earth back to its original fertility after the Great War. The doors of the Vault opened exactly one year after the first bombs fell. Those who had lived safely within its walls discovered that the Contaminated Zone and groups of survivors outside were anything but welcoming.

Although its inhabitants are no longer there, the Vault 94 is still there and has been almost entirely reconquered by nature. Now, however, something threatens to destroy it. The brave Appalachian explorers will have to face many dangers if they want to save the Vault 94, find out what happened to its original inhabitants and recover the precious resources within it. 

Vault raids are designed as challenging challenges for high-level players. Bethesda recommends composing teams with characters of level 50 or more. Anyone who wants can try their luck on their own, but it is not recommended. To access the Vault 94 you must tune in to its emergency broadcast. 

Update 12 will be released for all versions of the game, ie PCXbox One and PS4, but the Vault 94 will initially be tested only on PCs, so if everything goes well, it will also arrive on consoles.