Pokémon GO, police found a man playing eight phones while driving

The American police found a man playing Pokémon GO on eight phones at the same time while he was in his car.

Earlier this week, Washington state police in the USA found a man playing Pokémon GO on eight phones at the same time while driving his car. 

More precisely, the cops noticed a car stopped by the roadside. Thinking that the driver needed assistance, they approached him to find out that he was intent on playing Pokémon GO on eight phones, mounted on a craft structure to be able to manage them simultaneously.

Not having found him busy playing while he was driving, the policemen could only tell him not to play and drive at the same time and to put the structure on the back seat of the car when in motion. Then they let him go. I wonder if a man capable of playing Pokémon GO on eight different smartphones at the same time will listen to good advice received or if the game fever will get the better of him. 

Before leaving, we remind you that Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS systems.