With King’s Bounty 2 returns a great series of strategic games that has a passion for millions of PC gamers.

1C Entertainment has announced King’s Bounty 2 for PC, followed by a series of strategic turn-based fantasy favorites. The release of the game is scheduled for 2020, a date yet to be decided, but the publisher has already shared many details, which we report below: 

King’s Bounty 2 offers a new approach to the acclaimed fantasy series, expanding its tactical battles in turns to offer players a truly immersive RPG experience that will add weight to any decision, whether it is driving an army into battle against undead horrors, or building relationships with the locals. Experience a world that mixes realism and fantasy, full of exciting stories, memorable characters, and complicated moral choices!

As one of the three heroes available (each with their own story), players will face a non-linear open-world adventure in a detailed and action-packed fantasy scenario. The game, divided into two distinct phases, will make it possible to cross the kingdom from a third-person perspective, facing missions, exploring the wilderness and learning about the people encountered along the way. But when it comes to fighting, the prospect will turn to tactical turn-based combat. At that point, players will have to use their units wisely to win.

A great danger has arrived in the vast kingdom of Antara. A mysterious disaster has struck the most remote corners of the kingdom, corrupting the earth and all its inhabitants. Refugees in the affected regions have begun arriving in the kingdom of Nostria, drastically reducing the availability of food and resources. The creatures distorted by the disaster, once living beings, roam the countryside leaving behind a trail of chaos and destruction. The earth itself fights for survival: your decisions have never been as important as they are now. How will you shape Antara’s future? 


  • An interactive and spectacular story – Told through the lens of spectacular film experience, King’s Bounty 2 puts every choice in the hands of the players. Following the classic RPG tradition, players will face difficult moral choices that will have long-term consequences for the destiny of the kingdom. But instead of relying on simple dialogue options, actions will have real weight.
  • The landscape is important – When players enter combat, the battlefield will reflect the specific part of the world they are going through at the moment. This will force players to take the surrounding environment into consideration before going into battle, to minimize potential risks and try to get the greatest benefits.
  • No more two-dimensional arenas – Realistic and volumetric battlefields are now an integral part of fighting in King’s Bounty 2. On battle maps, it is now possible to find obstacles and details of all kinds, which will create an extreme tactical variety: hills, ravines, caravans and much more. In this way, each battle will have unique tactical advantages and disadvantages.
  • New character development system – King’s Bounty 2 provides players with three characters to choose from, each with its own story. Exploring the realm, the characters’ stories will gradually change and align with different ideals: Strength, Art, Order, and Anarchy. Not only will these choices affect the reactions of NPCs, but they will also have a tangible impact on the game world.
  • Unique Teams – Each team consists of unique units, each with its own set of skills and a well-defined appearance. Instead of having so many faceless recruits, players will be able to build armies of humans, elves, trolls and other creatures that will experience great adventures fighting side by side and developing lasting bonds.
  • Tactical depth on the battlefield – King’s Bounty 2 introduces many new tactical features to the series, such as the Line of View, for richer and deeper combat experience. Also, in the middle of the battle, there will often be surprised tactical events that will always keep players on their toes.
  • An unprecedented mix of realism and fantasy – Experience a great fantasy world that mixes the most beloved canons of the genre with a gloomy realism that will allow you to always remain with your feet firmly on the ground in this desperate struggle for survival.

We also see the announcement trailer and some pictures of King’s Bounty 2: