Dota 2

Many complaints were made during the streaming of Dota 2 International, made to please the Chinese government.

Some spectators of the Dota 2 International tournament reported several complaints made by the moderators of the tournament channel to please the Chinese government. 

For example, in the chats, it is not possible to mention facts relating to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, in which the Chinese government killed and arrested hundreds of university students. Those who tried it were banned for two minutes from the stream. 

Others have reported that even writing ” Winnie Pooh” temporary bans are received from the stream. As you know, the well-known Disney bear is considered an insult to Chinese president Xi Jinping for the alleged similarities between the two, which led to the ban in China of the last two films that see him as a protagonist ” 

In short, it seems that Perfect World, the Chinese publisher of Dota 2, and Valve are working hard to please the Chinese government with immediate complaints. Moreover, it was clear that having Dota 2 International in Shanghai would have required some sacrifices, in this case, that of free speech (the Chinese market is too large to worry about certain trifles) 

.These complaints may seem small, but if we add them to the mass protests of Honk Kong this summer and other minor facts, such as the disappearance of Devotion, they seem really disturbing, as the ease with which giants like Twitch and Valve have accepted the complaints about mere economic issues appears disturbing. 

Anyway, let’s expect more and more complaints even in video games to please the Chinese authorities, as it is now happening on a regular basis, especially with multiplayer titles.