After the controversial release from the video game world, Cliff Bleszinski seems to be having a new idea for a video game and apparently this time it’s not a battle royale.

It seems that Cliff Bleszinski, the creator of Gears of War, has an idea in his head that drives him to go back to thinking about video games, but this time it seems he has nothing to do with battle royale

After the failure of LawBreakers, it seemed that CliffyB had decided to permanently abandon the gaming environment, has clearly said that he no longer wanted to develop other video games and having also recently dedicated himself to the production of musicals on Broadway. However, video games continue to be a fixed thought for the game designer, apparently: “Guys, I have an idea for a game and I can’t get it out of my head, “said Bleszinski on Twitter, without going into detail. 

” I thought I had really finished, but then, my stupid brain returns, “he said, adding that” It is not a fucking Battle Royale “, a genre that has apparently marked it, after the burn with LawBreakers. This idea will lead to the development of a new video game? In the case, CliffyB will have to be particularly prudent and attentive to the financial management of the project, considering the disastrous end of Boss Key Productions, a label founded by the developer for the creation of the previous title.