Important defection in the lines of BioWare with the departure of Ben Irving, a key figure in the development of Anthem of which he was a lead producer and who decided to leave the company.

An important exit from the scene was recorded in these days within BioWare, with the farewell of Ben Irving, the lead producer of Anthem, who decided to resign from the company to marry elsewhere. 

It could be an important blow for Anthem, which was recently updated with the 1.3.0 update and Cataclysm within the game world but which seems to have failed to raise anyway much the situation. It is true that the title has now completed its development, but considering its gaming structure as a service one would expect that the key members of the team would continue to work on the support and the continuous expansion and an exit of this caliber can have a significant impact. 

Ben Irving, a face that has become rather well-known precisely because he has long been associated with the Anthem project and therefore clearly insight in recent times at BioWare, has instead decided to leave the company. “After eight fantastic years I decided to leave BioWare and accept an exciting opportunity at another videogame company,” Irving wrote in his greeting on Twitter.

Anthem’s former lead producer then explained how working for BioWare was his dream since he played at Baldur’s Gate and will always be grateful to the team and all his colleagues. Finally, addressing the gamers, he explained that he always loved interacting with the Anthem community through the various channels, in good times and in bad ones. “You are in good hands with Jesse Anderson and Andrew Johnson (as you have been for some time now). I wish nothing but the best for all of you.” It is not yet clear where Irving is headed after his eight years of service at BioWare.