Phil Spencer

“The game streaming will take years and years before it becomes mainstream,” said Phil Spencer, reiterating his belief that it is not yet the right time for this technology.

Phil Spencer reiterated that he was skeptical about game streaming: in his opinion, this is a technology that will take years and years to spread and become mainstream. 

“I think it will still take years for game streaming to become the most popular game system among users,” Spencer told GameSpot. “And I mean years, years and years.” A position that the boss of Xbox had already expressed some time ago. 

“I doubt the game streaming it will take twenty years to get to that point, but certainly not only two. Let’s talk about a technological revolution. Maybe someone thinks that such a change can take place overnight, but it is not. ” 

” It takes years for these services to evolve. We are building in this regard by looking at the long term, which is why this is a very important choice, “concluded Spencer, clearly referring to Microsoft’s Cloud platform.