Need For Speed ​​Heat

Just announced, Need for Speed ​​Heat seems to be really convincing, but many don’t trust it after Payback’s terrible microtransactions.

Electronic Arts have just announced Need for Speed ​​Heat. As now the topic of micro-transactions in general and prize funds are becoming increasingly common in particular it has been completely excluded from the official press releases and the promotional materials supplied, yet in this case, it would be really important to know how aggressive the additional monetization system will be, which inevitably will be. The reason is easy to say: the previous chapter, Payback, was a great racing game, ruined however by the progression too focused on the prize funds. We are always there: if I pay a full price product I would like to be able to play without the hassle of having to spend extra money continuously to progress and I wish it wasn’t full of systems designed to squeeze the most fragile players, that is those most at risk of developing a gambling addiction.