Need for Speed ​​Heat

After the announcement and the trailer, Electronic Arts has released a release with all the details on Need for Speed ​​Heat, the new episode of the famous series.

Need for Speed ​​Heat, the new episode of the series produced by Electronic Arts, to be released on November 8th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One is the protagonist of an official statement with all the details on the game. 

Ghost Games, a study by Electronic Arts, today announced Need for Speed ​​Heat, the latest racing game of fantastic police road challenges. The game delves into and expands all that Need for Speed ​​fans love: maximum customization, authentic urban automotive culture and a compelling storyline that engages you. 

Need for Speed ​​Heat brings its fans to Palm City, a new open-world in which street pilots have gathered to make their names known. During the day, players compete in Speedhunters Showdowns, authorized competitions where they earn credits to customize and improve their high-performance car garage. 

At night, instead, they risk everything to build their reputation in clandestine races while a task force of corrupt cops roams the streets, ready to hunt down the runners and steal all their earnings. The roads, the risks, and the races never end in this “street racer game” in which a player can throw himself headlong with his team to build a garage full of dream cars and make the city his own endless playground.

“We are offering more options than ever for each player to be unique and become known,” said Riley Cooper, creative director of Ghost Games. “Our fans were clear on the fact that they want more cars, more customization, and more challenges and we are focusing on every aspect. From the style of your character to the performance of your car and your personal driving style, we will feed everyone’s creativity with this new game “. 

Fans pre-ordering the standard edition will receive an exclusive Mitsubishi Evolution X KS Edition in the game. By preordering the Deluxe edition, three more KS Edition cars will be added (BMW i8 Coupé, Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport), access to an exclusive deluxe edition of clothes for your character and greater gains in-game currencies and Reputation points. Anyone who pre-orders Need for Speed ​​Heat from Need for Speed ​​Payback for any format will also receive a 10% discount as a loyalty prize.