Daymare: 1998

Invader Studios has finally announced the release date of Daymare: 1998 on PC, revealing it through the publication of a new trailer focused on the history of the game.

Daymare: 1998 finally has a release date on PC: the game will be available via Steam starting September 17, at a price of 29.99 euros, while for the console version we will have to wait.

The announcement was made by the Italian team behind Daymare: 1998, Invader Studios, publishing a new trailer that illustrates the story of their promising survival horror.

In the video, we meet Sam, the second of the characters available in Daymare: 1998. A man likes many, who finds himself projected into a real nightmare but can count on his ranger training to survive.

But there is a further problem for Sam: because of a pathology he needs special medicines and will, therefore, have to try to get them while he is defending himself from the attack of hordes of zombies.