Borderlands 3 – DLC Content Will Be Presented at Gamescom, New Trailer Released

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In less than a month, “Borderlands 3” is perhaps the hottest co-op title of the year. Similar to its predecessors, the shooter will come from scratch with a lot of content and will later be supplied with extensive DLCs. What you can expect, the creators want to betrayed at Gamescom 2019.

The co-op shooter Borderlands 3 will play a key role at Gamescom 2019. Similar to its predecessor, the game after release with several major DLCs will be considered. What you expect in it, you will learn in less than two weeks in Cologne.

Unveiling the additional content at Gamescom 2019

As publisher Take-Two Interactive has revealed in an investor conference, the Gamescom 2019 will reveal the post-launch plans of “Borderlands 3”. Gearbox Software had already confirmed in advance that the shooter will be equipped with four major story DLCs. New Vault Hunter, however, will most likely not exist.

At the Gamescom 2019 and the PAX West, which starts on 30 August, the developers want to reveal the contents of the download extensions and publish the first details. However, the publisher has not yet mentioned specific details.

Sirene Amara presents herself in a new trailer

In addition, the developers released a new character trailer for “Borderlands 3”, in which siren Amara is presented. Amara is one of four playable characters that will await you in the co-op shooter.

Like a siren, Amara strives to help people wherever they

can. The lady came to fame as the champion of the people until the children of the chamber under the direction of the Calypso twins caused chaos and destruction.

“Borderlands 3” will be released on September 13 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be available exclusively at the Epic Games Store. Developer Gearbox Software plans to hand over the character trailer for beastmaster FL4K in the coming days.