1000 euros invested in Bitcoin 10 years ago, how much would you have earned today?

Bitcoin reached a new peak in March 2024. Sparking new emotions and new “If I knew…” We tried to find out how much you could have earned by investing 1000 euros 10 years ago.

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Initial investment of €1000 in Bitcoin in 2013

The lowest price of Bitcoin was €317 in March 2014. If you had invested €1000 at that time, you would have received 3.15457 Bitcoin.

Here is a table showing the year-on-year evolution of your portfolio over the last 10 years:

year Bitcoin price The value of your portfolio
March 2014 €317 €1,000
March 2015 €216 €681.39
March 2016 €347 €1,094.64
March 2017 €819 €2,583.60
March 2018 €5,324 €16,794.95
March 2019 €3,239 €10,217.67
March 2020 €3,317 €10,463.72
March 2021 €37,226 €117,432.18
March 2022 €34,249 €108,041.01
March 2023 €18,465 €54,249.21
March 2024 €54,000 €170,347.00
We have used the lowest price of Bitcoin during these months.

If you bought 3.15457 BTC in March 2014 and haven’t sold any since then, your portfolio would be worth in March 2024 €170,347.

At the time of ATH, the amount in your portfolio will have reached €212,769.71.

Find your portfolio amount with 100 euros invested 10 years ago.

Bitcoin was still in its infancy

In 2014, Bitcoin was still a relatively new entity in the financial world.

At the time, its value fluctuated around a few hundred euros, a pittance compared to the heights it would later reach. This period was marked by a gradual increase in interest from individual investors and increased media coverage, although skepticism remained high among the general public and traditional financial institutions.

Major events such as the collapse of Mount Gox, one of the first and largest Bitcoin exchanges, have cast doubt on its reliability and security, leading to debates over regulation. Today, they are an integral part of the Bitcoin story.

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