👍👎 ASSE – Troyes: tops and flops of the meeting!

Greens played at the end of Day 24 of League 2 BKT. For the occasion, ASSE organized ESTAC at 8:45 pm to close the gap with the top 5. It was done 5-0. Like every week, here are the tops and flops from last night’s matches.

At the end of day 24 of Ligue 2 BKT, ASSE hosts ESTAC. A second half of the table duel between two teams fighting for promotion at the start of the season. For this match, Olivier Dal’Oglio decided to start Sissoko on his return from CAN. Aimen Moueffek and Mickael Nadé also returned to the starting lineup.

Match summary

The match started with a bang with the first chance in the second minute of the game after the Trojan goalkeeper cleared Sissoko well. On a magnificent attack in transition, Stephanois would open the scoring at CSC from Ndiaye, taking the ball inadvertently pushed back by his goalkeeper on a strike from Stephanois Macon (1-0, 16th). While the Greens were losing ground, Sissoko increased the score with a powerful strike on the opening from Nade (2-0, 38th). The score would not change until halftime.

The second period starts at the same pace for ASSE, with a nice deep pass to Dylan Chambost in the penalty area to find Nathanael Mbuku who will apply to open his goal counter in the green jersey (3-0, 51st). The Saint-Etienne performance continues with a 25-meter missile from Macon that is sent straight into the top corner (4-0, 62m). On a corner played in two stages, Dylan Chambost would provide his second assist on a cross headed in by captain Anthony Briancon (5-0, 78th). The match ends with Saint-Etienne’s Manita.


Yvan Macon

The left side of the greens performed very well. Flawless defensively, he also knew how to be technically clean on his restarts. Offensively, he continued to present himself. The first goal of the Greens is a perfect example of this. Author of an intense race, the Trojan goalkeeper’s shot that deflected into a defender’s leg would cause CSC. Looking less aggressive in the second half, he scored a magnificent goal with a 25-metre shot into the top corner. From the great Yvann Maçon.

Ibrahim Sissoko

ASSE’s top scorer returned from CAN. Established at the forefront of attack by Olivier Dell’Oglio, he fully justified his coach’s faith. Invaluable in the game with his back to goal, he made his presence felt especially in the opposition zone. He gets the first two chances, taking a cross from Caffero. Third would be good for him with a nice shot from 20m. His ninth goal of the season for the home scorer.

Two wingers: Kafero and Mbuku

During the last meeting in Dunkirk, they crystallized the criticism of the Saint-Etienne supporters. Unable to win an attacking duel last week, the two wingers looked to be transformed this evening. In the first half, Caffero was unstoppable on his left, bringing danger with every ball he touched. In the second half, Saint-Étienne’s play would tilt to the right, with Mbuku more energetic and energetic. His support changes hurt his defender, and he was rewarded with his first goal in the green jersey.

10 Nathanael MBUKU (asse) during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Association Sportive de Saint-Etienne and Esperance Sportive Troyes Aube Champagne at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard on February 12, 2024 in Saint-Etienne, France. (Photo by Anthony Bibard/FEP/Icon Sport)

Dylan Chambost

The green number 14 is refocused in the midfield axis. Very comfortable directing the Saint-Etienne game, he played precisely throughout the 90 minutes. Author of a magnificent assist on Mbuku’s goal, he would offer himself a second on a cross for Briançon. The club has been rejuvenated with the arrival of trained midfielder Dall’Oglio. He has confirmed his good nature for many matches.


Appiah’s first half

The Saint-Etienne right-back struggled to get into his match. Defensively he had a lot of trouble against Rafiq Saeed. Often caught off guard by the Trojan winger’s pace, the best Trojan actions will take place on his flank. Offensively, he also experienced a lot of technical waste. It should be noted that the second part of it was on a completely different level. He put significantly more intensity into his defensive interventions to block his right lane.

Yellow card

The downside of this silly evening is the accumulation of yellow cards. In total, Stephanois received five yellow cards. In turn, Nadé, Briançon, Monconduit, Cafaro and Cardona will be sanctioned by the referee. This accumulation of restrictions interferes with the important sequence of matches for ASSE. With this new warning, Thomas Monconduit will also be suspended.

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