🏆 ASSE – Troyes: Supporters’ Rating and Man of the Match

After last night’s competitive meeting between ASSE and ESTAC, supporters voted through us Social networks. A chance to assess each player’s individual performance, but also to pick the man of the match on the Saint-Etienne side. Like every week, here are the results.

Gautier Larsneur (6), the Saint-Etienne goalkeeper once again produced a serious and reassuring performance. Barely used, he secured the Saint-Etienne cage with 2 shots. His kicks were surgical. For once, he’s not the headliner at the end of the match, and that’s reassuring.

Dennis Appiah (5), full back, not always to his advantage. If he connects well offensively and tries to make a difference, we can still criticize him for his numerous technical projections. Additionally, but we won’t change it, it will have little effect on the attack. His speed and pace limit his performances and make him primarily a defensive fullback.

Anthony Briancon (6) To invest himself and show himself a leader of men in the captain’s shoes. An all-rounder defensively, he also contributed offensively. While he initially thought he had scored, he was eventually rewarded with a precise and furious header.

Michael Nadey (6) He was very present on the man, maybe a little too much, which earned him a yellow card very early in the match. Always aggressive, he can be worried by the referee for a new sole on an opponent’s foot. Despite everything, his performance remains reassuring.

Dylan Chambost (7), the Saint-Etienne midfielder, perfectly oriented the men during ASSE’s attack. By offering precision and little waste, it highlights attackers’ movements. He was also valuable at set pieces.

Thomas Monconduit (5), the midfielder, gave a relatively lackluster performance. His level of play remains below what Moufec or Tardieu can offer. He is often late and guilty of avoidable mistakes, such as a second-half yellow card.

Amen Mofek (6) All good moves and being omnipresent on man, create a great riot of energy. His pressing allowed Greens to recover the ball high. He was also dangerous offensively.

Matthew Caffero (6), the Saint-Etienne winger finally put in a performance worthy of his status. Roaming and elusive in the first half, he destabilized the Trojan defensive block. Had he had a second half of the same caliber as the first, he would undoubtedly have been man of the match. His drop in speed in the second half probably shows an area of ​​improvement for Caffero, who should continue in this direction to eventually bring his qualities to the ASSE.

for no Nathanael Mabuku (7), this may be a reference match to his Saint-Étienne. He showed all his qualities of percussion and velocity. An excellent dribbler, he was Matthew Caffero’s counterpart on the right. Author of his first goal with the greens, his performance should call out others of the same level.

We didn’t really know what form we would be in. Ibrahim Sissoko (7) After his journey to the African Cup of Nations. Ultimately, he was an in-form goalscorer who arrived at Saint-Étienne and put a heavy strain on the Trojan defense. Author of a magnificent goal, full of energy and inspiration, he freed the sides and knew how to take advantage of his partners’ excellent crosses.

🔥Man of the match🔥

Yvan Macon (8), the Saint-Etienne full-back, has certainly won the hearts of the supporters. His activity on the left flank, associated with Kafero, completely destabilized the Trojan defense. Very offensively driven, he also did a clean and solid job defensively. The icing on the cake, he scored from elsewhere. This very good performance for him is yet to be confirmed.


Olivier Dell’Oglio (8) Proposed an eleven that may confuse you at the beginning of the meeting, especially with the tenure of Thomas Monconduit. However, the team was able to respond, and ultimately the work carried out throughout the week of training is commendable. In the end, we see strong people from Stefan, invested in a cauldron fully committed to their cause, victorious and honored.

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